last updated 08 AUG 2020

Before my first fast, I was on 100 total u of insulin; 40 units of basal once a day and 30 units of bolus twice a day. I did not have good control; though I wasn't testing regularly, my spot checks were often over 200 mg/dL, sometimes over 300. I began that fast on 30 us basal, no bolus, but low bG readings had me off entirely by the time I ate again. During that fast, I also began weaning Lasix until I was down to 1/4 dose; my BP kept dropping and the lymphedema in my legs and feet was disappearing.

It took several days eating before my bG rose over 200, my designated cut-off for insulin. I wound up needing 30 u TDD to keep bG in a good range, 20 u basal and 5 u bolus twice a day.

Because I'd begun walking with kitties during my fast, I believed I might have regained flexibility. For years, I'd been wearing long, denim skirts that I could put on over my head; this was the only way I was able to dress myself. The week after my first fast, I tried to put panties on and could reach to do so. Excited, I ordered a pair of yoga pants off of Amazon; when they arrived, I realized I could put them on by myself also. I was able to dress myself in normal clothes, except for needing help with the sock on my bad leg. I felt like a real person again, instead of a patient.

After my second fast (cut short because I felt poorly due to weaning prednisone), when I added insulin back, I wound up on just 20 u TDD. I realized I only needed insulin after 4 days of eating, so decided to fast weekly, 3 days fasting, 4 days eating OMAD, usually the RBS.

After my third fast, I took no insulin; highest my bG spiked postprandially was under 160. Sept 22 was the day I took my last shot of insulin.

As I began my fourth fast on September 30, 2019, I announced that I was no longer on insulin. This had occurred in under 2 months; incidentally, I'd lost over 10 pounds. And I could put on that other sock.

On Dec 2nd, I donated my insulin to Insulin For Life, a charity that provides insulin to T1s in third world countries.

Over the holidays, with house guests, I ate 8 days in a row and my bG gradually ran back up to 200. With no insulin, and pharmacies closed on Christmas Day, I had no way to fix this except by fasting it back down, which I did.

I never got near 200 again.

Several more fasts and I'd weaned the prednisone entirely, after over a decade of adrenal insufficiency that had left me bedridden without meds. At the next endo visit, she gave me a half ACTH-stim and my cortisol went through the roof; my adrenals were back.

We then developed a plan for weaning liothyronine, which I was off of by the next time I saw her; repeated TSH tests make her happy; my daily temperatures and feeling well without it make me happy.

Then, for the heck of it, I weaned DHEA, resulting in no hormones whatsoever, just metformin. I had this idea that I could have a fully functioning endocrine system again.

After my last A1c, I was asked if I planned to stop metformin, and I didn't think so. But I've since had several hypoglycemic instances and have, so we'll see how that effects me in the coming weeks.

I have a Libre and am accustomed to my bG running between 60-70 mg/dL overnight and around 75-90 during the day. As of this writing, my one week average is 88, up slightly from my 2-week average of 86; stopping metformin does not seem too bad so far.

My A1c history is reported below, taken as a screenshot from my patient portal.
My A1c a few weeks in was 8.1%, down from a high of 11.9%. In Nov 2019, on no insulin, just metformin, it was down to 6.7%. In May 2020, it was down to 5.5%, officially out of both diabetic and nondiabetic range. Shortly thereafter, I had a couple of genuine hypos and stopped the metformin.

The patient portal gets upset trying to graph the individual results from a lipid panel, so I'll just report that my triglycerides before starting were 312; a few weeks in that had dropped to 193. I wanted to wait before trying meds, but In November, it was still 206. Realizing that as long as my adipose was releasing triglycerides, this number wouldn't go down, I agreed to start meds with the result that my May 2020 reading was 111.

This page will be updated regularly as I proceed.

To really understand how significant these changes are, one needs to be conversant with my medical history.